ShaoXing Shanhe Knitting Textile Co.,Ltd . founded in 2002, is located in the scenic Shaoxing scenic area on the north side of East Lake, close to Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale, is a professional engaged in knitted fabric R & D, manufacturing and finishing supporting integrated textile fabrics enterprises, built with modern standards plant 15000 square meters, existing in Book350 employees. With strong research staff team.
  Company to knitted fabric for the pillar products, with various types of imported knitting machine more than 100 Taiwan, near the new introduction of various kinds of thick gauge (7G,9G,12G ) circular knitting machine, two sets of networks twisting equipment, can produce ITY crystal hemp, France cashmere and other types of fashion fabrics, to meet the needs of different clients, I at the same time division advanced opened side circular knitting machine more than 10 Taiwan, specializing in the production of FDY, DTY, ITY polyester polyurethane, Kam ammonia products, to solve such products in general knitting machine production technology on the intermediate traceless malady; affiliated enterprises in Hangzhou Xiaoshan San Chong Textile Company Limited has more than 20 years of experience in the textiles, and in Keqiao Textile City, Changshu ancient gold cloth market with a number of direct sales office. Product best-selling domestic market, exported to Europe and the United States, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, America and Hong Kong and Macao and other countries and regions, and the TARFET, H&M, KMART, SEAR, J.CPENNY and other international Brand Company long-term cooperation.
  ShaoXing Shanhe Knitting Textile Co.,Ltd . adhere to the" customer first " principle, and we look forward to your cooperation, and jointly create a better tomorrow!

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